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Reviews (Industry)

January 2018

“The Wayne Jones Cabs Are As Good As It Gets”

Bass Player Magazine editor award for Wayne Jones Audio bass guitar rigs - January 2018 issueWayne Jones Audio
Wayne Jones Audio WJBPII Preamp and WJ 2×10 Cabinets
Jonathan Herrera
for January 2018 issue of Bass Player Magazine http://www.bassplayer.com
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Wayne Jones AUDIO WJBPII Twin Channel Bass Guitar Pre-Amp. 2 Independent channels that also can be used together. Stero/Mono Inputs. Phantom power option. 6 band EQ plus 30hZ boostAustralian bass player and amp designer Wayne Jones has long existed in a rarefied space in the amp world, first making his name in 2001 with a 2×10 cabinet that beguiled the BP staff as much as any we had then reviewed. More recently, he coupled his prodigious cab-design know-how with the proliferation of lightweight, high-powered built-in amps. The results were no less impressive, as I surmised in my July ’15 review of his WJ 2×10 powered cabinet. Paired with a great preamp, the WJ powered cabs were a formidable addition to the powered-cab market segment.

In the couple years since, Jones has gone a step further. First, he’s updated his line of powered and passive cabinets. Even more substantially, he’s released his first preamp, the two-channel WJBPII. The feature-laden WJBPII is the result of an extensive R&D process undergone in conjunction with top players like Scott Colley and Andre Berry. Read more ►



September 2017

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors
Testimonials / Quotes

Introducing the Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors to Earl Powell at Eptone Music Productions, Los Angeles, CA.Listening to these speakers made me realize that there was more to sound than I thought. I’ve mixed 90% of all of the work I’ve produced (Jennifer Hudson/Tito Jackson) and many more. I’ve never heard anything that even comes close to these!!! These are great for sound design, scoring, mixing, recording, and writing. All around great product!!! I’m truly grateful to have met Mr Jones and a huge thanks to Garrett Body.

Earl Powell
Eptone Music Productions

Jeff Barnes, VP General Manager, Record PlantWayne and Steve have truly designed a great set of versatile studio monitors that add a level of depth to what you are able to hear in your tracks.

Jeff Barnes
VP General Manager
Record Plant

Slavic Livins (Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, Snoop Dog, Syleena Johnson)Why have a sports car when you can have Jones-Scanlon Monitors. The reverb tail is very impressive.

Slavic Livins
(Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, Snoop Dog, Syleena Johnson)

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors ➤



February 2017

Bass Musician Magazine’s Review, by Jake Wolf

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If you’ve been following the boutique bass world since the 90’s like I have, the name Wayne Jones Audio might ring a bell.

David Dyson performing at NAMM 2017
Endorser David Dyson performing at NAMM 2017

I first heard about Wayne’s cabs a couple decades back, and although I never had the chance to hear one in person, I was very intrigued by their interesting specs and their relative rarity in the market at that time. Wayne was selling cabs here in the US until shortly after 9/11, at which time, Wayne says, “everything changed”. Cab sales in the US dropped sharply, and Wayne went back to his busy career gigging as a top call bassist. So when I saw Wayne’s gear resurface in the last couple years, I was again intrigued. His current offerings include powered 1×10 and 2×10 cabs, as well as his own stereo tube preamplifier (At NAMM 2017, Wayne introduced a good old passive 210 as well as a 2 channel version of his pre. More below). I reached out to Wayne and he couldn’t have been more gracious or generous with his time and gear. He promptly sent me an array of cabs and his preamp to check out, and I’ve been having a blast with all of it.

Before we get to how the gear works, let’s look at the equipment itself.

At 24” tall, 16” wide, and 22” deep, the 210 dimensions are fairly unique for bass cabs. I asked Wayne about the extra depth of the cabs (both the 210 and 110), and he responded that the depth allows him to not only achieve a desired cubic volume, but also the distance between the driver and the back wall is very intentional, in order to achieve certain performance goals. As a result, the 210 is a somewhat odd form factor. Luckily, it has a built in telescoping handle and tilt back wheels, making the schlep pretty easy. All the gear is covered in a very high quality black carpet, which seems better than a lot of the cab covering I see (Wayne responds: future cabs will use High end automotive leather look Vinyl covering). The preamp had a very nice build quality: all the knobs and switches felt solid and had nice resistance to the pots, thus reducing the risk of bumping controls mid-gig, and boding well for the gears overall lifespan. From a fit and finish perspective, the Wayne Jones gear is simply top notch. Read more ►


November 2016

“It’s seriously epic – Insanely well made
I want one, I want two! – It sounds AWESOME”
Scott Devine of ScottsBassLessons.com

Wonderful review just in from Scott Devine from ScottsBassLessons.com

Wonderful video review from Scott Devine of ScottsBassLessons.com for the WJ 2×10 1000 watt powered cabinet and WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Guitar Pre-Amp

N.B. Competition mentioned in video was for November 2016 and no longer running.



June 2015


Bass Player Magazine editor award for Wayne Jones Audio bass guitar speaker cabinets - July 2015 issueWayne Jones Audio
WJ 2×10 & WJ 1×10 Powered & Passive Cabinets
Jonathan Herrera
for July 2015 issue of Bass Player Magazine http://www.bassplayer.com
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I WAS 23 WHEN I STARTED AT BASS Player in 2002, so no matter how precocious I thought I was, to say I learned on the job is an under- statement. Fortunately, I had the bass journo All Star team on hand to whip me quickly into shape. I leaned hard on each of my more experienced col- leagues, but early on there was no one I needed more than Terry Buddingh, whose knowledge and abundant patience I frequently put to the test as a nascent technical editor. Terry is genuinely passionate about audio gear and has the wizened aspect of a guy who’s played, taken apart, and repaired thousands of basses and amps. When Terry really liked something, I took it seriously; nobody sliced through marketing hype better. I can recall long discussions about innumerable pieces of gear that came through the office, but few stick out as much as his deep and abiding love for an esoteric 2×10 made by a bass player in Australia, Wayne Jones. BP glowingly reviewed the Wayne Jones 2×10 in 2001, just before I arrived, so for me the cab was the stuff of legend. Plus, its extreme scarcity meant I couldn’t pop down to the local Guitar Center and give one a spin. Regardless, the cabs went out of production in the mid 2000s.
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June 2015


Wayne Jones WJ 2×10 And WJ 1×10 Bass Cabs
Tom Bowlus
from http://epublish.panaprint.com/publication/?i=251644&p=44

Bass Gear Magazine review of Wayne Jones AUDIO products. Powered bass speaker cabinets for bass players, bassists, bass guitar players & double bass players. Bass player amplification, bass guitar amps and speakers.The Company Line

So many times, the things which fascinate us – sometimes to the point of obsession – are the things which are the least obtainable. This definitely holds true for bass gear, and for some time, one of the best examples of “unobtainium” in the bass world were those mysterious 2×10 cabs from some guy named Wayne Jones. Nobody was really sure just who he was, or if he even existed, but rumor had it that he was some foreign land, like Atlantis, or Australia, or something. Combined with what we didn’t know about Wayne Jones was that what we did know was that everyone who had actually heard them seemed to fall madly in love with them. So, of course, I had to have a pair of these cabs for myself!

I was lucky enough to snag two Wayne Jones 2×10’s on the used market, and sure enough, they lived up to the hype. Yes, they wanted a good bit of power to sound their best, but if you paired them up with an adequate amplification, they provided deep, powerful tone for days. So, mission accomplished; having secured these cabs, the mystery was over, right? But rumors are funny. Just when you think the story is done and over, new wrinkles break the surface. Terry Buddingh first piqued my interest by claiming that he actually knew Wayne Jones. “Really? He’s a real dude, and not just some made up brand name?” Then, Terry goes on to tell me that he’s trying to convince Wayne to start making cabs again. “That’d be great!” Oh, and this time around, he’s going to make them powered cabs ” Uh oh … I’m getting sucked back into the mystery!”

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