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Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors


Wayne Jones AUDIO, bass guitar powered bass cabinets, direct from manufacturer, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Speakers for bass guitars.With state of the art DSP, High Powered, Bi-Amped, Improved Frequency Response, Incredible phase & time alignment

Our conclusions:

Undeniably Accurate, Faultless Frequency Reproduction, Incredible Depth, Clarity & Dimension.

You will hear Compression & Reverb tails more accurately than you have never heard before.

A whole new level of Transients, Clarity & Distinction.

All this at high & low listening levels.

Our first version intentionally had no DSP. This ensured the system and all components were doing exactly what they should from the source itself. Some companies use DSP to make up for the lack of what the source can’t produce, you can hear that. It simply doesn’t sound right and is misleading.

With the addition of DSP we have fine-tuned the original high praised system to perfection.

Finally, as an engineer, producer or artist your mixes can now be “undeniably accurate” and your work “more enjoyable”. This will translate right down the line through to clients and end consumer.

Even when listening to recordings you know well, you will discover things you never knew existed until now.

The Jones Scanlon monitors, gives you a whole new listening experience, transporting you into the very essence of musical dimension.

Comments from Recording & Movie Studios in USA

“These monitors have the world’s next level in transients”

“I have never experienced anything like this before”

“The clarity & separation is incredible, I can focus on any Instrument clearly”

“I can hear things in the production that I never knew existed”

“Listen to the Reverb”

“I just can’t stop listening to them”

“I want them”

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Cabinet Specs:

  • Finish – Stunning 2 Pak Automotive paint finish with high gloss clear coats
  • Standard finish choices are Red, Black & White
  • Available in custom colours. Match your décor, order your preferred colour
  • Woodwork 19mm MDF

Cabinet Specs – for each cabinet:

  • Power – 650 Watts RMS powered
  • Channel 1 Woofer – 500 Watts RMS @ 4 ohms
  • Channel 2 Tweeter – 175 Watts RMS @ 8ohms
  • Power Amp – State of the art D Class switch mode 2 channel power amp with heat sink plate mounted into the rear of the cabinet
  • Power Amp frequency – 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Cabinet tuning – 38 Hz to 20KHz
  • Cabinet response – Half loudness Graphed down to 28Hz
  • HPF on Room EQ only at 38 Hz
  • Drivers – 2 custom made Wayne Jones 10” drivers with Aluminium cast frames, specially formulated Eucalyptus cone pulp, Kevlar impregnated cones.
  • Voice coil – 3″
  • Magnet – Massive Ferrite
  • Tweeter – Faital, 1” Voice coil
  • Crossover point – 2.4Khz
  • Control plate – Black Steel
  • Mains Power in – Standard IEC

DSP & Control Plate Features

  • Inputs – XLR balanced & SPDIF digital inputs
  • USB connector for WJ Audio use only. Used for software updates
  • 3 Toggle switches with selections
    • SPDIF – Left & Right
    • 2 Room EQ switches – Choice of four Room EQ settings to suit your control room acoustics
    • Centre position is Flat – Undeniably accurate
  • LED on Monitor front face for power operation & clip Indication.

Single Monitor Dimensions:

  • 33 x 45 x 50 cm
  • 13 x 18 x 20 inches

Single Monitor Weight:

  • 25.5 kg
  • 56 lbs

Shipping Dimensions & Weights:
Carton – Double thickness cartons lined with high density die cast foam for ultimate protection.
W 58 x H 52 x D39 cm = Total 149 cm
29 kg / 64 lbs


As these are custom & hand made in Australia there could be a wait time of up to 8 weeks from time of order


50% required at time of order with balance payable when ready to ship

International shipping is by FedEx Air

Shipping & local duties & taxes are the customers responsibility

Warranty is 3 year limited on all parts & Labour

Steve Scanlon

Steve has worked with many acclaimed artists as Mastering/Mix Engineer and Live Engineer including: Pharrell Williams, Mariah Carey, The Chainsmokers (10 million Sales), Deep Purple, Planet X, The Yellow Jackets, Dim Mak Label / Sony NY & Aust / Warners / Mushroom etc, Kate Ceberano, Australian Idol, The Potbelleez, and Peking Duk.

He is recipient of multiple Aria Platinum and Gold awards, plus Tech award “Best Australian Live Engineer”.

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