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High Powered High End Bass Guitar Cabinets, Stereo Valve Pre-Amps, Stereo Powered Guitar Amp/Speakers, Studio Monitors

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Congratulations to Steve Scanlon, of the development team for Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors, for mixing and mastering Aviella’s “tell me what you’re thinking

High Powered, High End Bass Cabinets  | 
Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amps
Stereo/Mono Powered Guitar Cabinets
& Guitar Pre-Amp
 |  Studio Monitors
Introducing WJBA 2000 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier with built in Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp

Custom designed & built by an experienced Australian professional bass player in conjunction with a highly respected Australian speaker designer/manufacturer. By a bass player, for bass players.

**New Model Release WJBA 2000 WATT BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER coming for 2021**
Now with separate DIs for each channel
Ideal for upright players who like to use both mic and pickup into separate channels
Stay tuned for new model release date!

Bass Player Magazine:

“The best powered cabs I’ve heard”
Review by Jonathan Herrera
Received Bass Player Magazine’s Editors Award
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Bass Gear Magazine:

“They are simply some of the best sounding cabs on the planet”
Review by Tom Bowlus
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“It’s seriously epic… Insanely well made… I want one, I want two! It sounds AWESOME”
Review by Scott Devine
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Bass Musician Magazine:

“All the WJ gear performed beautifully for me on jazz, Latin, fusion, and solo bass gigs, and I’m holding back tears as I prepare to return it!”
Review by Jake Wolf
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