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Introducing the 2000 Watt Bass Guitar Rig
Updated model now 2800 Watt

WJBPII Bass Guitar Twin Channel Pre-Amp

WJBP Bass Guitar Pre-Amp
Updated model now with 6 Band Pre-Amp

Drew Dedman using the 2000 Watt Rig



Wayne Jones AUDIO 10” drivers for Powered Bass Cabinets


The custom 10″ drivers in the Wayne Jones AUDIO powered bass cabinets are hand made with passion & pride, exclusively for Wayne Jones AUDIO.

A combination of Michail Barabasz, of Lorantz Audio, and his 40 years of experience designing and making speakers/electronics with Wayne Jones’s 40 years of experience as a professional bass player, solo artist, writer, and producer you get the state of the art, highly acclaimed and awarded Wayne Jones AUDIO high end bass cabs.




Wonderful review from Scott Devine of ScottsBassLessons.com

It’s seriously epic – Insanely well made – I want one, I want two! – It sounds AWESOME


This rig was up for Scott’s November 2016 giveaway and no longer accepting entries.

WJ 2×10 1000 watt powered cabinet (Updated model now with DIGITAL DSP)
WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Guitar Pre-Amp (Updated Model now with 6 Band Pre-Amp)



WAYNE JONES AUDIO Bass Guitar Amplification


Wayne Jones Audio - 1000 Watt 2x10 Powered Bass Cabinet - bass guitar speakers

Powered Bass Guitar Cabinet

1000 Watt 2×10 – Single Cabinet

Details & Specs


WJ 700 Watt Passive 2x10 Bass Cabinet - 8 Ohms, Compact, Hi End, Crystal Clear, Full Range 2×10 Bass Cabinet (40 Hz – 20 KHz)

Passive Bass Guitar Cabinet

700 Watt 2×10 – Single Cabinet

Details & Specs


Wayne Jones Audio - 1000 Watt 1x10 Stereo/Mono Bass Cabinets for bass guitars and also great for guitars and vocals

Stereo/Mono Bass Guitar Cabs

1000 Watt 1×10 – 500 Watts per side

Details & Specs


Wayne Jones AUDIO WJBPII Twin Channel Bass Guitar Pre-Amp. 2 Independent channels that also can be used together. Stero/Mono Inputs. Phantom power option. 6 band EQ plus 30hZ boost

Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp

Channel 2 Phantom Power Option

Details & Specs


Wayne Jones Audio - WJBP Stereo Valve 6 Band EQ Bass Pre-Amp for bass guitar

Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amp

Incredible EQ point separation

Details & Specs

WJBA 2800 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier with built in Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp, featuring the option of phantom power on the second channel. 2800 Watts into 4 or 8 Ohms.

2800 Watt Bass Amplifier

Twin Channels & Twin DI Outs

Details & Specs