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Reviews (Endorsees)

André Berry

“When you get behind the wheel of a Ferrari and step on the gas, you quickly realize what you’ve been missing out on….So it is with Wayne Jones Amps. I couldn’t believe how much beef and clarity I’d had been missing out on…”

“These amps are just light years beyond what anyone else is doing!”


Nate Phillips ( Nathaniel Phillips)

“The Boldest Sounding Bass Amp On The Planet! The Wayne Jones System is here for those of us that demand our live bass sound to be equal in quality to what we hear in a high end studio. Accept no Substitutes, this is the real deal”


Gerey Johnson

“Wow these are incredible”

“Wayne Jones Audio rig on its 1st gig – Frickin rocked!”

“Lots of punch, cut through most excellently and was able to get a warm jazzy tone, get funky rhythm skanks and rock out with no issues! Pedals sounded like how they were supposed to! Love me some Wayne Jones Audio!”


Nick Colionne

“The amp is killing. The presence, the way it’s punching me be the back, just loving it all – I am loving it.”

“I can hear myself with amazing clarity. As a front man I move all over the stage. They are so clear & precise with such an awesome fast attack. I was so used to the sound going out of the back of my amp. I can’t believe what I’m hearing! I just plug into the front of the pre amp & spread the cabs apart to my liking. I asked my sound engineer if I was too loud as they were so present, he said “no not at all””


Paul Adamy

“Wayne Jones Audio is all you need to know when it comes to bass amplification. His gear is simply the best. No matter what style of music you play or what type of bass you play, the sound of your instrument comes through loud & clear!”


Tim George

“Very honored, humbled,and happy to be an official endorsee of Wayne Jones Audio designed by Australian bassist Wayne Jones. It some of the best bass gear I have ever played through from the WJ Pre amp to the many lines of speaker cabinets he has designed. Not only do they sound incredible, they are light weight!! Thanks Wayne!!!!!!”


Carl Young

“The cabinets are from an amp builder, Wayne Jones who lives in Melbourne Australia. He’s a Genius of acoustics, and any serious bass player might wanna check out his site.”


Arlington Houston

“Wayne! I want to thank you again for the fine craftsmanship and audiophile technology. Your cabs are the best speakers I’ll will ever own.”