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News & Updates – 2019

July 20 2019

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors Glowing Product Review
~ Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound Magazine
“The World’s Premier Music Recording Technology Magazine”

I began my listening tests with ‘Njotke’ from the CD Spes by the Norwegian amateur all-female choir Cantus and singer/keyboardist Frode Fjellheim… I know this track exceedingly well and I am not exaggerating when I say that the hair stood up on the back of my neck whilst listening to it through the Jones-Scanlon studio monitors. The level of detail that these monitors revealed in that recording went well beyond that of any other loudspeaker that I have heard it on before. Read More ►

Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound Magazine

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors


May 25 2019

WJBA & WJBA2 Product Review

It’s refreshing to see a unique take on the design — especially one from a designer who already has an excellent reputation for hifi sound thanks to his universally beloved cabs. Read Complete Review ►Jonathon Herrera, product review, Bass Magazine


April 29 2019

David Dyson’s rig for Seabreeze Jazz Festival

David Dyson's bass guitar rig for Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2019David Dyson’s rig when he headed out on stage with Kayla Waters at Seabreeze Jazz Festival last week.

WJ 2×10 Powered Bass Cabinets: 2000 watts with the two cabs
WJBP Bass Guitar Pre-Amp: 5 band EQ, Optical Compressor
Skjold “Maple Brown Butter” Dyson signature bass



March 30 2019

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors now packaged with
Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic

Jones – Scanlon Studio Monitors and Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic

Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic now packaged with Jones-Scanlon Studio MonitorsThe Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors are incredibly accurate in all areas. For potential room acoustic issues we bundle the Sonarworks Ref 4 measurement and correction program. Read More ►



March 20 2019

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors
USA May 2019 Product Presentations

Wayne Jones & Steve Scanlon will be visiting Los Angeles and Nashville between 7th – 19th May 2019

Don Was (Producer) & Krish Sharma (Rolling Stones Recording Engineer)Contact Wayne Jones for appointment times ►
Venues to be advised

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors

I knew I had to have them, the Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors are hands down my new favorite monitors. After hearing these I tracked down the manufacturer unsolicited.

Krish Sharma
(Rolling Stones Recording Engineer)




Jan 20 2019

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors / Wayne Jones Audio
USA February Product Presentations

Wayne Jones and Steve Scanlon will be presenting the JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors

LOS ANGELES : Feb. 5, 6, 7, 8
(Venues and times listed soon)

6233 Kenwood Ave
Rosedale, Maryland 21237
Time: 1PM to 3pm
(hosted by Kevin Walker
Confirm Attendance

Email Wayne @ waynejonesaudio

CHICAGO : Feb. 11, 12 (see below)

Contact Wayne Jones for details & appointments

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors
Feb 12th 12-3pm (hosted by Slavic Livins & Garrett Body)
Pressure Point Recording Studios
2239 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-8099
Google Map https://goo.gl/nc73qJ
Confirm Attendance

**NB Feb. 12th venue has changed from previously listed**

Slavic Livins

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors / Wayne Jones Audio USA February Product Presentations

JONES-SCANLON Studio Monitors / Wayne Jones Audio USA February Product Presentations

Wayne Jones AUDIO bass rigs, Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors
& Marco Bass Guitars

Feb 12th from 7pm (hosted by Garrett Body)
Suite 2A, 4219 Butterfieald Rd
Hillside, Chicago, IL 60162
Email GBody Sound Lab

Video of GBody’s last WJA/Marco gathering Some of Chicago’s finest musicians, gathered by Garrett Body, for Wayne Jones AUDIO and Marco Bass Guitars – Chicago Product Presentation at GBODY SOUND LAB, April 17 2018.

Thaddeus Johnson (bass), Nick Colionne (guitar), Jimmy Carter (bass), Garrett Body (bass), Isaiah Sharkey (guitar), Pennal Johnson (bass), Collin Clauson (keys), Tavarius Johnson (drums)

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors
(In use at major USA recording studios)

For ultimate excellence in recording studios. With state of the art DSP, High Powered, Bi-Amped, Improved Frequency Response, Incredible phase & time alignment.

Undeniably Accurate, Faultless Frequency Reproduction, Incredible Depth, Clarity & Dimension.

Our new Jones-Scanlon monitors are incredible! The accuracy of these speakers is undeniable.
(Of course we love the custom color too… thanks Wayne)
All Access Recording




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