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play a fodera bass guitar

Play a Fodera bass guitar
through a Wayne Jones AUDIO bass rig

Fodera Custom Guitar Makers & Wayne Jones AUDIO

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Wayne Jones AUDIO & Fodera  Guitars are both privileged & happy to announce that they will be working in conjunction with each other, in their respective countries, providing a place where you can see, play & hear the highly respected state of the art, beautifully crafted Fodera basses & the highly acclaimed & awarded Wayne Jones AUDIO high end, high powered bass cabinets & amplifiers.

Australia – Melbourne
Contact Wayne Jones AUDIO to arrange an appointment to experience the Fodera basses.
M: 0411 862 366   Email Wayne Jones AUDIO

USA – Brooklyn
Contact Fodera Guitars to arrange an appointment to try the Wayne Jones AUDIO High End, High Powered Cabinets & Stereo Valve Pre-Amp.
68 34th Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232
P: 718 832 3455   Email Fodera Guitars www.fodera.com

Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-1  Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-2  Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-3  Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-4  Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-4  Play-a-Fodera-bass-@-Wayne-Jones-AUDIO-6
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Wayne Jones introduces a Monarch 5 Deluxe bass guitarWayne Jones introduces a Monarch 5 Deluxe bass guitar 
Victor Wooten & Fodera GuitarsVictor Wooten & Fodera Guitars 
Fodera - Campus MovieFest - Short documentaryFodera – Short documentary
Created by AJ Productions at Hunter College
in 2012 as part of Campus MovieFest