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Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors SoundID Reference Instructions

How to measure, export & upload your SoundID Reference room calibration profile to the Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors.

Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors: a new level of innovation together with Sonarworks

(For upload information contact )

(See tutorial video below)

Test your audio:

  • With the monitors off, please connect the left & right audio outputs of your interface to the left & right XLR inputs of the monitors

    (click images to enlarge)
  • Position the Input switch to XLR (down position in photo) & position the other room switches to the centre position (flat)
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the output volume level on your audio interface is turned down
  • Power on your JS monitors & check that you have audio when connected
  • Wayne Jones Audio Monitors DSP internal audio output sample rate is 192kHz 24 bit
  • You can set your audio interface output to any sample rate up to 192kHz
    • Wayne Jones Audio recommend sample rates of 96kHz or 192kHz
  • Now you are good to start


Download & install SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones to your computer.

The activation key is in the SoundID Reference package that comes with the Wayne Jones Audio Monitors.

  • Open the SoundID Reference Measure app
  • VERY IMPORTANT – Whilst doing your SoundID Reference measurements you must set your audio interface sample rate to 44.1kHz
    • You can change this later for normal working operation. You may set your interface to any sample rate up to 192kHz


!!!Critical whilst doing any measurement!!!!!

  • As you face the monitor set the input switch to the right for XLR input
  • Set Room 1 & 2 and Room 3 & HPF switches to the centre (flat) position. This is the system flat response


Open SoundID Reference measure app & follow the prompts

  • Complete your room measurement to calculate your calibration profile
  • At the end of the completed measurement name your profile & launch the SoundID Reference application when prompted
  • Configure the SoundID Reference app audio outputs to match your interface
  • You now can choose your normal working sample rate for audio monitoring. This won’t affect the export of your files
  • Wayne Jones Audio suggest 96kHz or 192kHz for when you use SoundID Reference app in your computer instead of the monitor in upload mode


For the SoundID Reference app settings (along the bottom of the app)

Wayne Jones Audio recommend the following settings be used

  • Flat target SoundID SR (Studio Reference)

  • Filter set to Linear phase (although this setting is not transferred into your export)
  • Listening spot enabled (although this setting is not transferred into your export)
  • Limit Controls, Maximum low frequencies and Maximum high frequencies set to Extended (this gives you the full frequency range of your measurement). These settings will be transferred to your export files
  • Safe Headroom, set to either enable or disable, this won’t matter as this setting will not be transferred to your export files
  • Set Calibration to enabled


Export your profile

You now need to export your profile where it will be converted into left & right binary files (bin files). These files are needed for the upload process to the Wayne Jones Audio monitors.

  • Go to your preset name which is located in the left hand column of the SoundID Reference app
  • Hover over the green FLT text, then click on the 3 dots that appear
  • In the dropdown box please click export
  • A panel will appear please select Wayne Jones Audio for export
  • Please note a dropdown box will show where your bin files (left & right bin files) will be sent
    • You can browse & select another destination if you prefer
  • Please click “Export”
  • Your files have been exported
  • Confirm the files are in the designated location & that you can see both left & right bin files as you have named them
  • Quit SoundID Reference app


Importing To Monitors

Contact Wayne Jones for import instructions


  • Windows computer or Windows running on Parallels Desktop for Mac
  • USB type 2.0 cable (printer cable)
  • Download and install TeamViewer



Now enjoy the amazing sound reproduction brought to you by Jones Scanlon-Monitors & SoundID Reference from Sonarworks


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How to export a Sonarworks SoundID Reference room measurement profile for Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors.