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WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amp DI

WJBP 6 Band Pre-Amp DI Model Release!!!

New Features:

  • EQ – Features extended top end control
  • Band 5 has been modified & reset at 5kHz
  • Addition of a 6th band set at 10kHz
  • Input clip Indicator – Now much easier to read at top left corner
  • Removal of FX blend control – Found to be unnecessary
  • Removal of Tuner- Most players use their own
  • The WJBP is now is exactly the same as first channel of WBPII twin channel preamp

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WJBP bass guitar Stereo Bass Pre-Amp DI


WJBP bass guitar Stereo Bass Pre-Amp DI



Wayne Jones Audio - 1000 Watt 1x10 Stereo/Mono bass guitar Bass Cabinets with WJBP Pre-Amp DI




Wayne Jones AUDIO, bass guitar powered bass cabinets, direct from manufacturer, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Speakers for bass guitars.WJBP Bass Guitar Pre-Amp DI

Notes from Wayne Jones: My perfect sound was an Avalon 737 studio pre through my WJ powered cabs. So I set out to design a bass pre-amp that truly reproduced your bass sound & thus enabled you to tailor your sound. Also the tone controls had to work in the right areas & the pre had to have all the bells & whistles we need to do our job. Again no expense spared, just the highest quality components I could get for everything we need on stage & in the studio. These were my Instructions to my Engineer.

I have achieved that with the WJBP

This pre will also make front of house engineers happy as what goes in comes out.

The WJBP is designed with a no compromise attitude in Cost, Quality, Components & Features just as are WJ High End High Powered Bass Cabinets.


  • Input 1/4” phono stereo/mono jack
  • Input Gain For both Passive & Active basses
  • -10 Db pad
  • Input Gain clip Indicator LEDS (top left corner)
  • Tone controls are critically set by Wayne & are extremely accurate in the attack points of each string. You can set them by one for each string on your bass All +15Db -20 Db
  • Incredible separation between the tone controls
  • There is also a 30 Hz boost for those that may like it ( not really needed at all as the Bass control gives such a great bottom end with ultimate attack). In/out button for selection
  • Compressor: Optical, automatically senses & is very effective even with a very small amount engaged. In/out button for selection
  • Balance: This is a balance control for stereo operation e.g. 2 WJ 2x10 or Stereo WJ 1x10 Powered cabs.
  • Master volume Controls output
  • Pre-Amp Output Indicator LEDS (top right corner) tell you if you are overloading the WJBP output
  • Mute - Puts the WJBP in standby mode. LED Indicates when in use. The Mute mode should also be used for power up of the WJ Powered cabs, otherwise a very loud 1000watts will sound when WJ Powered cab (or separate power amp) is turned on.
  • It also operates the built in Tuner. For standard tuning for 4, 5 & 6 string basses
  • Foot switch mutes all output for silent tuning.


Master Outs 2 balanced XLR (recommended) outs for connection to WJ powered cabinets or to separate power amps Balance control on from panel will affect these outputs.

Also a choice of 2 Unbalanced 1/4" outputs for same function. (not recommended as output is lower)

All master outs can be used together as a pair or Individually with balance control set to the respective output

FX Send & Return - Stereo or mono

Foot switch - Mutes all output

DI Output - Balanced XLR out with Level control & ore or post EQ button

Aux Input - Stereo input, both 6.3mm & 1/4” phono. You an use this to plug items such as iPad, iPhone backing tracks etc. to play along with.

Headphone With Volume Control - Plug in your headphones to practise with. You can use the WJBP by itself without plugging into a power amp.

Rack Mount Ears - Included


  • Input 1/4” Active Unbalanced
    Impedance 220K
    Max Level +20dBu
  • Outputs
    Balanced XLR
    Impedance 300 Ohm
    Max Level +27dB
    1/4” TRS Unbalanced
    Max Level +22dB
    Frequency Response 10 hZ to 20 KHZ
    THD+Noise@1KHz 2.5 %
    Signal to noise ratio >80dB Limit 2
    Total Gain 62dB
    Universal Line Voltage 115/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Shipping size
    40.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 18 cm
    Weight 5.9kg
  • Rear Panel
    Inputs 1/4” & 3.5mm TRS Active Stereo
  • Impedance 20K
    Max Level +15 dBu
  • EQ Band frequencies:
    Band 1 20-300Hz, Centre set at 80Hz
    Band 2 60-1KHz, Centre set at 160 Hz
    Band 3 150-2.5KHz, Centre set at 500Hz
    Band 4 450-8KHz, Centre set at 1.6KHz
    Band 5 1KHz-20KHz Centre set at 5KHz
    Band 6 Centre set at 10KHz
  • Size 6.6 cm x 30 cm x 24 cm (including knobs)
    Weight 2.41kg
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WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amp DI Rear View

Wayne Jones Audio - 1000 Watt 1x10 Stereo/Mono bass guitar Bass Cabinets with WJBP Pre-Amp DI


WJ 2x10 powered 1000 watt bass guitar cabinet with WJBP Pre-Amp DI


WJ 2x10 powered 1000 watt bass guitar cabinets with WJBP Pre-Amp DI