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WAYNE JONES AUDIO STUDIO MONITORS with integrated SoundID Reference

Proudly announcing a world first, with ground-breaking innovative technology
achieved in partnership with SoundID Reference from Sonarworks

Upload and store room calibration profiles directly into the monitors up to 10,000 times
  • Seamless preset export from SoundID Reference
  • Measure and save as many room profiles as needed
  • Upload your room profiles into studio monitors directly
  • Zero latency and improved workflow (more available DSP)
  • Streamlined signal path for outboard gear
Experience world leading transient response, allowing hyper accurate compression settings within the mix
  • Relentless frequency response at all levels
  • A new level of “sensory perception” and accuracy
  • Unbeatable accuracy of phase & time alignment
  • Faultless Frequency Reproduction
  • Experience a cleaner signal path


Resources & Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors Product Information

How to export a SoundID Reference room measurement profile for Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors.