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Wayne Jones AUDIO @ NAMM 2023, April 13 – 15, Booth: 16322

Showcasing Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 studio monitor system using WJA Upload App for loading SoundID Reference profiles directly into monitors
New product releases for Bass Guitar Amplification

WAYNE JONES AUDIO STUDIO MONITORS with integrated SoundID Reference

Proudly announcing a world first, with ground-breaking innovative technology
achieved in partnership with SoundID Reference from Sonarworks

Upload and store room calibration profiles directly into the monitors up to 10,000 times
  • Seamless preset export from SoundID Reference
  • Measure and save as many room profiles as needed
  • Upload your room profiles into studio monitors directly
  • Zero latency and improved workflow (more available DSP)
  • Streamlined signal path for outboard gear
Experience world leading transient response, allowing hyper accurate compression settings within the mix
  • Relentless frequency response at all levels
  • A new level of “sensory perception” and accuracy
  • Unbeatable accuracy of phase & time alignment
  • Faultless Frequency Reproduction
  • Experience a cleaner signal path


Resources & Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors Product Information

How to export a SoundID Reference room measurement profile for Wayne Jones Audio Studio Monitors.