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Wayne Jones Audio – Hi Fi Studio Monitors

Wayne Jones Audio – Hi Fi Studio Monitors
23/08/2014 Lin

Wayne Jones Audio - Hi Fi Studio Monitors

The WJ studio monitors
Are made from 19mm MDF for the high density properties of the wood.
These are exactly the same dimensions as the single 10 bass cabinets except for having a flush faced front baffle.
They use the same 10”driver an Italian Faital tweeter & a specifically designed crossover.
The finish is a stunningly lush 2 Pak gloss black with a clear on top.
The two 50mm ports are flush with the front baffle
The cabinets have acoustic dampening on all panels to minimize any box reflection.
I use them myself in my own studio. I record, edit & do all my work with them ready to send to my studio engineer for mixing & mastering.
The accurate representation of bass & drums is Incredible. I will be developing these even further in the future.
They also make great home stereo or home theatre speakers.