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High Powered High End Bass Guitar Cabinets, Stereo Valve Pre-Amps, Stereo Powered Guitar Amp/Speakers, Studio Monitors

Proudly announcing a world first, with ground-breaking innovative technology achieved in partnership with Sonarworks. Upload and store room calibration profiles directly into the monitors up to 10,000 times.

Proudly announcing a world first, with ground-breaking innovative technology
achieved in partnership with SoundID Reference from Sonarworks

Sonarworks' SoundID Reference profile can now be stored directly within
Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors ( read more )

Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors SoundID Reference Instructions ( read more )

Retrofit older Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors with upgrade board to allow uploading of SoundID Reference profile ( purchase here )

Sound On Sound magazine March 2022 product review of Jones-Scanlon Reds Studio Monitors. Tim Hands, 4 time Emmy award winner with 9 nominations for Game Of Thrones & The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.

High Powered, High End Bass Cabinets  | 
Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amps
Stereo/Mono Powered Guitar Cabinets
& Guitar Pre-Amp
 |  Studio Monitors
Introducing WJBA 2000 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier with built in Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp

Custom designed & built by an experienced Australian professional bass player in conjunction with a highly respected Australian speaker designer/manufacturer. By a bass player, for bass players.

New colour option for Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors – graphite with matte clear finish
USA customers please visit VINTAGE KING ➤ for purchasing or ordering Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors.
USA Customers, Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors Sold Exclusively through Vintage King Jones-Scanlon “Reds” 10″ 2-Way Powered 650 watt (each) in stock right now at
Vintage King Los Angeles, 2636 North Ontario Street, Burbank, CA 91504. Ph: 213 984 4000

Bass Player Magazine:

“The best powered cabs I’ve heard”
Review by Jonathan Herrera
Received Bass Player Magazine’s Editors Award
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Bass Gear Magazine:

“They are simply some of the best sounding cabs on the planet”
Review by Tom Bowlus
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“It’s seriously epic… Insanely well made… I want one, I want two! It sounds AWESOME”
Review by Scott Devine
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Bass Musician Magazine:

“All the WJ gear performed beautifully for me on jazz, Latin, fusion, and solo bass gigs, and I’m holding back tears as I prepare to return it!”
Review by Jake Wolf
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